Pablo Delgado - Data Science

Mesos at Opentable

How we got started with Mesos: Pain-points in a hybrid environment and surviving the transition

Johnno Nolan - Engineering

Open Sauce at OpenTable

We used to produce mostly closed
source and proprietary software; that's changed.

Pablo Delgado - Data Science

Using data science to create a dining expert

We can build expert knowledge of cities with our corpus of unstructured reviews

Jocelyn Mangan - Product

Put yourself in their shoes

Getting to know restaurant customers with the OpenTable product team

Sudeep Das - Data Science

Navigating themes in restaurant reviews with Word Mover’s Distance

Using Word Mover's Distance to find similar reviews across our corpus — even without similar keywords

Joseph Essas - Data Science

Mining data to power great dining experiences

The promise of data science for the restaurant industry